It’s an innovative methodology that intervene on disorders related to muscular chain. It finds application in physiotherapy, osteopathy, orthopedy, surgery and other therapeutic fields.

Nabi’s devices are muscular equalizers equipped with a sequence able to communicate and intervene at vibrational level, removing or correcting the disorder that distort molecular traffic.

Diventa operatore Nabimed

Nabi Therapy

Nabi Therapy is the Nabimed philosophy applied to physiotherapy, osteopathy, orthopedics, surgery and other therapeutic fields.

Nabi’s devices placed in proper points of the body they have the capacity to interact with the neuromuscular tone, deleting the memory of the pain acquired by the muscle and alleviating immediately symptomatic episodes of a lot of muscular-tendinous problems.

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Nabi Dental

Nabi Dental is an innovative and efficient method that resolve the neuro-muscular descendant disorders by going to look for the interdependences between teeth and organs.

Nabi Dental goes to regulate the frequency of every single tooth going to oxygenate and revitalize all the dental arch.

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Nabimed Today

With Nabimed we want to spread a simple, ethical method that solves the OSTEO-ARTICULAR AND MUSCLE PROBLEMS in an immediate way, increasing the work of those who use it.

Today Nabi Therapy and Nabi Dental are medical devices, and their future sees them strengthened and inserted into medical hospital structures as support in the motor rehabilitation departments and in all dental offices.

Nabimed and its therapeutic applications

Nabi Therapy

It intervenes on disorders related to muscle chains eliminating multiple muscle-tendon problems.

Nabi Dental

To solve all the descending problems

“My niece made me try her Nabi. I was 89 years old and I had problems with circulation, legs that were always heavy and swollen. The improvement was very fast and now I’m definitely better. I turned 90 and I have not given Nabi back to my nephew! ”


“Athletics has always been my passion, obtained the first important results I approached the Nabi method thanks to which I started to train more effectively. The Nabi allows me to withstand workloads that I could not finish before, I do not feel tired, I have shortened the recovery times and the results are constantly improving. I can get on the track in every competition with serenity and with awareness of the result I can get. ”


“In collaboration with Primo on the Nabi method I can consider myself the patient zero! At the time I practiced at high levels the jet of weight and felt problems in terms of resistance, strength and recovery of a lower limb. After several clinical tests that had not shown any problems, Primo suggested that I try the Nabi method which turned out to be the solution to the problem. Immediately I could see an increase in strength exponentially and a very fast recovery so much to take me to use Nabi even in periods of good physical shape without injuries to amplify the training without going to affect the body in any way. “


“I tried Nabi more than a year ago in Primo’s studio. I think I made him repeat the tests of stability and balance (with and without Nabi) at least 20 times, I was absolutely amazed by the actual and immediate difference I saw and felt. A year later I can say that the benefit becomes an indispensable habit. A general feeling of well-being that is hard to give up. ”


“Excellent performance, no respiratory problems, no cardiac fatigue or any muscle pain or soreness, fast recovery, good energy management, great feeling of general well-being: these are the perceptions I have felt on many occasions since I put on the Nabi during my cycling activity. ”  


“I am 69 years old and I suffer from labyrinthitis attacks for years; it is now more than a year that I use Nabi, the attacks are not finished but they have improved a lot. Less frequent, lighter and manageable. The balance has certainly helped, moreover my feeling is that the mood has improved in general. ”


“I am an agonist rhythmic gymnastics athlete at the Ardor company in Padua. I used the NABI POWER sport and the NABI WATER for the water during my training. From both of them I have found great benefit: I do not feel tired and fatigue, I totally disappeared and I can maintain a constant energy throughout the training. On the few occasions when I happen to take the Nabi Power out after training I immediately notice the difference in the form of fatigue, so I try to use it constantly to keep a balance-dynamic line over time. ”


“When Primo told me about the Nabi I was immediately fascinated, but I wanted to understand more and try on myself what it meant to have him. What better time for mountain holidays to test it? It was crazy because in the most inaccessible and difficult climbs, with the Nabi worn as a necklace, my legs did not feel the effort, the fatigue and I felt more stable on the ground … I tested it several times, but I had to give up! Thanks Primo … Nabi is something that I will never be able to describe in words, but to emotions, to reality, yes! ”


“Nabi is a source of energy for me. It gives me physical support and I find it especially after a physical effort: no muscle soreness and no lactic acid. I am not an athlete and comparing myself with other people of my same level I have a higher level of endurance of effort, I never get exhausted. I have experienced relief by placing it on parts of the body that are sore or showing signs of discomfort such as colds or small infections. It gives me psychological support because it helps me to maintain a more balanced state of mind. Being a voluble person, it helps me to stem the emotional peaks. We are inseparable by now. I always carry it with me. ”


“My name is Pamela, I’m 24 years old and I’m a blue athlete in roller skating, a world champion for artistic couples. Thanks to Nabi Power I managed to solve a lot of muscular osteo-muscular problems that were limiting and making my sports career go away; in a short time the system physically and mentally re-aligned me giving me an energy boost I had never had before. The more I train, the more energy, strength and flexibility I gain without counting that the so-called accumulation of lactic acid becomes practically non-existent. It’s true, in my sport it takes a lot of motivation, but Nabi really helped me a lot, not to mention that I had a drastic reduction of injuries that first seen the high frequency of the workouts was the order of the day. ”


“I practiced sport at a professional level and Nabi was very useful, giving me considerable advantages. I found that during a physical test or a solicitation, for example during a game, the formation of lactic acid is minimal or even nothing, thus greatly improving recovery times. I also found much more muscle elasticity and balance, the heart seems to work much less under stress, increasing my endurance. I am very satisfied”   ANDREA

“Since I bring the Nabi, I feel less fatigue during intense physical exertions and I am faster in overcoming the effects of lactic acid accumulation. Not only that, with Nabi Dental when the nabi was inserted into two lower molars, I no longer feel the thrust that the movement of the teeth caused on the upper incisors and I no longer have the pains in the jaw. It seems to me that the posture that is more straight has also benefited, while before the insertion of the Nabi I tended to stay bent. ”  


“NABI helps me recover physically after intense muscle work. After a couple of days of long hikes in the high mountains with Nabi the feeling of general fatigue and muscular pain is greatly accentuated. The day after a Nabi tennis game allows me to recover more quickly and limits the muscular stress that occurs punctually the morning after just getting out of bed. ”


Several physiotherapists, osteopaths and dentists have already used Nabi.


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