Nabi Dental

Nabi Dental is Medical Device!


Nabi Dental is an innovative and efficient method that resolve the neuro-muscular descendant disorders by going to look for the interdependences between teeth and organs.

Studies on that field showed that there is a correlation between teeth and organs.

Hippocrates sustained that “A strong rheumatism can be eliminated by extracting eventually compromised teeth”.

Nabi Dental, starting from this point, goes to regulate the frequency of every single tooth going to oxygenate and revitalize all the dental arch.




Teeth grinding, malocclusion, cervical spondylosis, headache, problems related to dental implant, postural disorders. You will have an excellent result if you want to face Morton’s neuroma, bunion, metatarsals, plantar fasciitis, heel spur and heel strikes.




STEP 1 – Nabi Dental diagnostics

Nabi Dental Diagnostica: place Nabi on a dental map in 8 points (in this way its effect will cover all the arches) so to restore and correct the frequency of the mouth. From this point we decide how to go on.



Is the problem solved?







Step 2A
Creation of a Bite

The disorder is descendant
(it derives from teeth)









Step 2B
Therapy with Nabi Therapy

The disorder derives from the correspondent organ/system (ascendant)





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“Francesca, frequent headache for mental disorders. She tried Nabi Dental Diagnostica Therapy and after 5/6 days she had good results since she didn’t had headaches.”



“Person with a huge problem with diabetes (a year ago he was supposed to have a leg amputated): pain in every part of the body, especially on legs that were also hard. After 5 minutes from the application of Nabi Dental Diagnostica the majority of the pain disappeared and the man who barely was able to walk, went out of the room with a perfect posture, without pain and he has also been able to climb stairs without bracing himself! He and his daughter are still shocked and moved, I have to join them too!”

“Male patient with left foot pain for a few months with a diagnose of heel spur: He has been treated with Nabi Dental. The pain disappeared after few minutes, plantar muscle less rigid and no pain. The patient called me in the evening and he told me that he worked with orthotics with no problem.”