Nabi Therapy

It’s an innovative methodology that intervene on disorders related to muscular chain. It finds application in physiotherapy, osteopathy, orthopedy, surgery and other therapeutic fields.

Nabi’s devices are muscular equalizers equipped with a sequence able to communicate and intervene at vibrational level, removing or correcting the disorder that distort molecular traffic.

Placed in proper points of the body they have the capacity to interact with the neuromuscular tone, deleting the memory of the pain acquired by the muscle and alleviating immediately symptomatic episodes of a lot of muscular-tendinous problems.

Nabi Therapy is Medical Device!

Nabi Therapy Devices

The kit is composed of: Nabi rectangle (1), Nabi Rainbow (2) and Nabi Mini (3)

Disorders faced

Epicondylitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, hip arthrosis, plantar fasciitis, heel spur, Achilles tendon inflammation, Morton’s neuroma, knee distortion, ankle distortion, herniated disc, sacroiliitis, neck pain, trigeminal neuralgia, disorders of legs’ circulation, joint infection, headache, multiple sclerosis.

Examples of application


Nabi Therapy for hospitals and Rehab Centre 

Nabi Therapy aims as a support system for orthopaedical surgery that can elevate the quality of the heal facilities that adopt it.

Using Nabi therapy devices, the patient can start immediately the rehab since:

  • he will feel less pain in the operated zone;

  • he will feel more articular mobility of the interested district.

This will allow you to reduce recovery time, guarantying you to be different from the other heal facilities/hospitals.

“74 years old patient has just substituted two complete prosthesis on the knee…in addition to the significant regression of the pain, I want to underline that also the scar had responded positively, even if it was dated.”


“82 years old patient with a serious hip arthrosis wasn’t able to walk for the groin and adductor pain he was feeling. Once the patient put the rectangle he was able to walk again just feeling a slight pain at the adductor. Even without a walking stick!”

“Under 14 Volleyballer with a right ankle distortion. She has been visited on Tuesday afternoon and she had a pain under the peroneal malleolus and in addiction she was feeling a pain near the talus along the way. Putting a Nabi Rainbow on the malleolus and a rectangle on the fifth metatarsal (where she was suffering pain). Result: the pain has disappeared and the ankle was free to move. She resumed trainings and games without feeling pain. I have been a physiotherapist for years and I have never found any kind of therapy that makes ligament pain disappear so quickly.”

“83 years old woman. She used to wear a girdle for her back pain for 10 years and her legs didn’t allow her to move easily… After exactly a month of treatment with Nabi Therapy, the woman felt rejuvenated so much that she decided to take off her girdle to go out to the garden, crouch down and gardening. Her pain disappeared…really amazing!”

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