Primo Bonomelli

Pranotherapist – inventor of the Nabi method


Primo Bonomelli practices Pranoterapist in his studio in Povolaro, a few kilometers from Vicenza, he also works as a business consultant and sports motivator

To describe it we could not use words better than those written by Tonino Romano in the preface of the book written with Primo, “Pebbles in the current. How to live the banality with intelligence “.



“It often happens that we know the most interesting people simply by chance, without having planned or even planned to meet them. And, even if he certainly does not agree with what I’m about to say, I’ve met Primo by chance. But from the beginning of him I realized that he is a person who has many things to tell you.

What makes the conversation with Primo interesting and engaging, in fact, is that it only offers you many ideas for reflection on the things of life, leaving you time to think and giving you the opportunity to ask questions or question what he has just said.

But what further contributes to making him a special person is that Primo did not study what he knows about books, but in a certain sense he lived it in person, through his long experience as a pranotherapist in his Povolaro study. As a good listener and observer, in fact, he listened to his interlocutors for years and he reflected with them on the issues that were proposed to him.


In this way he always managed to suggest strategies and methods for a reflection that could lead to a solution to their problems. The pranotherapy sessions have thus transformed into moments of therapeutic dialogue and have allowed him to accumulate a vast wealth of direct experiences, with regard to the well-being or malaise of the people who gradually turned to him for the most varied reasons. From therapy for back pain or sprains to the ankle, Primo has thus passed with his interlocutors to talk about depression, allergies or self-esteem, widening its field of action to issues that belong to the psychological and existential sphere of people who in these years have turned to him. It is from this experience that “Pebbles in the current” is born, as an attempt to put on paper all the experience gained over the years, in order to help the reader to reflect on some fundamental aspects of their existence linked to it. »



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